Columbus, Ohio

Ohio Nature Education is a local organization we have supported for many years. We believe in their cause. Mrs. Van has a huge heart and loves all animals as we do. She has rehabilitated probably every kind of animal you may find in your yard. She has had bats, foxes, hawks, owls, raccoons. squirrels, you name it. She has conducted programs for us, bringing skins of many birds (she has a license to possess these skins). Some never get a chance to see what a Downy Woodpecker looks like up close or see a live Red-Tailed Hawk blink at you. She can bring this opportunity to you.

Recently, she acquired property in Licking County with several hundred acres of land.  She has a vision for this property. Check out her website showing the new building. The new Nature Center is open on Saturday's and Sunday's 12-4. Stop by, take a walk, or attend one of the upcoming programs.

Mrs. Van has a wonderful staff of volunteers but if you are interested, contact her.